Argentina: Entry 3

14 January 2003: Puerto Natales, Chile

Subject: Argentina

New Photos

I have just scanned in ten new photos from the last few weeks in Chile and Argentina. Do check them out; most of them are on the Argentina page, but don't miss the pair of Magellan penguins at the end of the Chile section.


I've taken quite a few pictures of the flowers in Argentina as there are lots of them and most of them are very pretty. And, unlike so many of the countries that I've visited, here it has been possible to buy books that tell you what you're looking at! Here are just a couple of photos.

This is Topa Topa, an orchid that is found all over the place but most conspicuously as a woodland floor plant. It would be an exageration to say that they are as common as bluebells are in English woods, but not much of one! They are yellow with a "lady's slipper" flower shape.

And this is the Magellan Orchid, which is probably quite rare. We were lucky enough to find this one while we had temporarily lost the path! It has extraordinary green veins on the petals.