Mexico: Entry 4

15 October 2002: San José, Costa Rica

Subject: Mexico


Dad has kindly scanned in some of the Mexico photos that I posted home. Here they are.

The first couple are from Teotihuacan, the Aztec / Mexicana site outside Mexico city. This is the Pyramid of the Sun:

And this is a more general view looking up the Avenue of the Dead with the Pyramid of the Sun to the right.

This is a view from the top of the Torre Latinamericano, one of Mexico City's tallest buildings. As you can see it is quite hazy. At the bottom right you can see a building with an inner courtyard, in a vaguely southern-spanish style. The building with the columns on the front at the top left is I think the mexico city assembly.

This is Celestún, from where I took the boat trip to see the flamingoes. The beach was covered in shells. This place must have suffered quite badly in the hurricane a few weeks later.

This is Chichen Itza, the Mayan site in Yucatan, showing one of the temples (note how here the temple itself on the top of the pyramid is preserved, whereas at Teotihuacan the tops of the pyramids are bare), surrounded by the Colonade of the Thousand Columns, or whatever they called it. This is taken from the top of the main pyramid.

This is Tullum, the beachside Mayan place near where I stayed for my last few days in Mexico.

This is where I stayed in Tullum.