The QWAZERTY online keyboard mapper

If you're trying to use a computer with a different keyboard layout from the one you're used to to access the internet, you have come to the right place. QWAZERTY converts the letters and symbols that you actually type into the ones in the same places on the keyboard that you are more used to.

To start, just select the keyboard layout that you're actually using and the one that you normally use from the menus below. Then type into the box (with your eyes closed). It should come out as if you'd typed it on your more familiar keyboard. Once you've written your whole email message - or whatever it is - copy and paste it into your email application (or whatever).

I strongly advise you to do a quick check that everything works before you spend ages typing something in. This comes with no guarantees! In particular, if you go to another web page and then come back here the text that you entered will probably be GONE FOREVER. Troubleshooting hints are further down the page.

Actual keyboard: Usual keyboard:
If you want to enter a character on your actual keyboard you can temporarily switch off conversion here. Enable conversion


If one of the keyboards that you need is not listed, please get in touch and I will consider adding it. Get in touch via the Feedback button at the bottom of the page. I have used the information at this Microsoft page as the basis for my translations.

In some cases it is not possible for QWAZERTY to translate a key because that key doesn't do anything on the actual keyboard. This is often the case with characters that you type with "Alt Gr" pressed down. Also, QWAZERTY may not work correctly if you have Caps Lock on.

QWAZERTY will sometimes work correctly for keys that combine with others to generate accented characters. For example you can press e followed by ´ (to the right of P on a latin-american keyboard) to get é, but you can't combine letters with ¨ or ^ in this way. Let me know if this is a problem for you and I will investigate further.

I am unsure if I have got all of the more unusual characters right, especially on the Polish and Hungarian keyboards. I would be grateful for feedback: if you have one of these keyboards please try setting both the "Actual" and the "Usual" settings to the same value and seeing if all keys come out as themselves.

If it seems that no conversion is happening at all it could be that my code doesn't work on your web browser. I've not yet been able to test this on many different machines but I think it should work on Internet Explorer 5 and above and current versions of Mozilla as a minimum. Let me know if you're having problems on a differnt system.

If some of the characters are not coming out as expected, please have a look at the following information which shows what QWAZERTY thinks your keyboards look like. Get in touch if you think I have got it wrong.

I am aware that the cursor-keys may not work sometimes. Use the mouse.