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Nearest Pubs lists nearby pubs. Tap on the pub name and Google Maps will show you how to get there from your current location. Vital if it's nearly closing time and you've forgotten how to get from the Bog and Sprocket to the Brewer's Elbow...

Because the database is built-in, Nearest Pubs will work even when you don't have a network connection. Google Maps, however, does use the network so in that case you'll have to navigate using the distance and compass bearing that Nearest Pubs displays.

Version 2.0, which is now available, also features the map shown in the screenshot to the right as well as the lists sorted by distance and alphabetically of version 1.0.

The pub data comes from OpenStreetMap. It includes pubs from every continent but coverage is much better in some places than in others; in particular, coverage outside Europe is relatively poor. There's a total of 35,000 pubs of which 33,000 are in Europe. Of those about 13,000 are in Britain, out of about 50,000 believed to exist in the country. To check what coverage is like in your area, just visit OpenStreetMap and zoom in on the map of your area; pubs are shown by a pint glass symbol. You need to be at almost the maximum zoom before they are shown. If you don't see any pubs then sadly this app is not for you.

Note that the directions shown by Google Maps are driving directions, not walking directions. This can give some odd effects sometimes, particularly if your destination is in a pedestrianised area or when there are one-way streets. Use common sense!

The OpenStreetMap data is distributed on Create Commons Attribution Share-Alike terms. This means that you're welcome to distribute derived works (e.g. screenshots of the application, like the one on the right) provided that you do so on the same terms and with attribution to OpenStreetMap. The data file that Nearest Pubs uses is available here in the format described here.

Nearest Pubs is available from Apple™'s App Store in the Navigation category for only 59p / $0.99.

Feedback and questions are welcome.

Please also have a look at another of my iPhone apps, the Panoramascope, which shows a lot more than just pubs.

A couple of users have been in touch report that Nearest Pubs crashes immediately after starting. Version 2.0.1 makes some changes that may, or may not, fix this. Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce the problem, and it seems to depend on your location: one user reports that it doesn't work for him in Brighton but it does work in London. If you see this sort of problem do please let me know - maybe I'll be able to spot a pattern. Also if you are in Brighton and Nearest Pubs does work for you I'd like to hear about that. More than 99% of users don't seem to have a problem, but if you're one of the unlucky ones I'll be happy to refund your 59p.

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